Welcome Letter from Rachelle

Welcome to the 5-day ArtStart Challenge!

This challenge will take you and your family on a high-paced creative adventure into process-focused art-making. If you have young children between the ages of 2 and 7 and you're looking for simple and engaging art projects that kids enjoy, this is for you. Feel free to forward this email to friends who may be interested in joining us - the more the merrier!

At TinkerLab, we believe that children are naturally gifted makers and that our role is to create an environment where big ideas can flourish. We want to help you set up, facilitate, and clean up art projects with ease and grace, all while building lasting memories and imagination skills.

Whether or not you see yourself as a maker, you have it in you to elevate a child’s creative journey. We'll get busy with process-based art experiences and you will have all the tools to make this a fun week.

When we encourage children to tap into their creative energy, we gift them with a lifelong love for making, invention, and connection to self and others.

My goal is to make the art-making process easy so that you can fully enjoy the creative moments that are about to unfold. Despite holding a degree in arts education and many years of teaching art to kids of all ages, when it came to introducing my own children to art, I wasn't sure where to start. ArtStart is the roadmap I would have loved to have had!

This challenge can feel fast-paced and it's more important that you find your own rhythm with this than feel compelled to keep up. You're welcome to do the daily activities, but if things come up and you can't do them all, that's 100% okay!

Quick links...

ArtStart Facebook Group

Invite a friend to join you and help you stay accountable

Bonus for you! Listen to the ArtStart playlist on Spotify. These songs are curated for kids to create art to, and will provide your maker session with a bouncy, inspiring musical backdrop. If you don’t already have a Spotify account, it’s free (with ads) or there’s a paid version that’s ad-free.

A goal is a dream with a deadline...

These are my goals for this week:

  1. To help you create a routine in your home around creativity through art
  2. To empower you with tools that will make art time easy
  3. Save you time by creating a plan for you
  4. Inspire you and give you new energy with fresh ideas for fun art projects

Now it's your turn. Setting a goal will set you up for success! Take a quiet moment and think about what you'd like to experience this week.

What is your goal for the week?

Here are some ideas:

  • Connect with my child through art.
  • Have a low-stress art making week.
  • Build memories.
  • Feel more creative.
  • Not worry about the mess.

Write this down somewhere (post-it notes are my fave for this). Place it where you can see it every day this week. If you focus on this goal, I promise that you can make it happen by the end of our five days together.

Okay, on to the next task!

Our mantra for the week...

We will celebrate mistakes, follow curiosities, and be playful.

We will not criticize, be close-minded, or say "no" to creative ideas.

The open-ended Art Starters will engage your child's heart and mind through process-based art. Our objective is for children to feel creative rather than make a masterpiece. If you follow your child's curiosities, you are golden!

I hope you enjoy these simple open-ended, process-based art experiences that will invite your child to practice artistic courage. Along the way I'm eager to encourage you to trust the process and connect with our child through making.

While it's nice to have a plan, keep in mind that there's no roadmap to creativity. Where will this art adventure take you? Enjoy the journey!


p.s. If you'd like to continue creating art with me, you're invited to join The Art Habit, a 5-week process art experience. Be sure to use the $20 off coupon below when you sign up!

The Art Habit > https://courses.tinkerlab.com/p/arthabitclass