Overview and Checklist

To help you get ready for the ArtStart Challenge, I created a little checklist that you can refer to for all the details.

Overview of the ArtStart Challenge

✔️The 5-day challenge is self-paced. You can do the five ArtStarters in one week or take this at your own pace.

✔️You will get daily tips on how to set up ArtStarters. The beauty of these projects is that you don't need a lot of art knowledge or experience to set them up or have a successful art-making session.

✔️Following the ArtStart Challenge, you'll be invited to join me in The Art Habit, our 5-week program for families who want to continue their art-making journey with me.

My goal is to help you make time to encourage your child or children to embrace imagination, problem solve, and use critical thinking skills. To make this happen, let's agree to say “yes” to experiments and inventive thinking.

For each day of the challenge you'll be invited to do a daily art project. It will include tips on how to set up an invitation to create where you will set up materials and the invite your child to create with them. The materials largely speak for themselves and only a few additional instructions will be necessary. Going forward, I'll refer to these set-ups as ArtStarters! The beauty of ArtStarters is that you don't need a lot of art knowledge or experience to set them up or have a successful art-making session.

What time of day will you set the projects up? This is entirely up to you. When my girls were in preschool, I often set everything up after my children were in bed so that it would be waiting for them in the morning. Other good times to set up ArtStarters are during naps, while children are eating breakfast, or after dinner. Find a time that works best for you!

ArtStart Checklist

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✔️Invite a friend to join you. This challenge can be more fun with friends. Invite a friend to join us by clicking here.

✔️Set a goal. What would you like to experience this week? Set an intention so that you can meet it at the end of our 5 days together. Here are some ideas:

My intention is to...

    • have fun spending time with my kids
    • have a low-stress art making week
    • build memories
    • feel more creative
    • let my child take the lead
    • not worry about the mess

Upcoming Projects

  1. Monday: Texture Collage
  2. Tuesday: Absorbent Paper
  3. Wednesday: Chalk it up
  4. Thursday: Let it Roll!
  5. Friday: Magic Monoprints

Questions? Leave a comment in our Questions and Support section and it will be answered shortly :)

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